Saturday, February 2, 2019

The Psychosis of Silicon Valley

I lived most of my life in the midwest. I always knew computer guys were weird but I had no idea until I moved to Silicon Valley. People talk about Steve Job's bubble called a reality distortion field. After reading many books on him he comes across as very bi-polar. He is not alone. Silicon Valley draws the crazy people. I have never met so many people on medication or needing medication. Why is this? One reason is all computer fields draw people that are odd. You don't have to deal as much with people as you do in other fields. Machines are easier than people. I did say computer guys on purpose because most of the few women that are in the field are for the most part sane. Maybe they are crazy for putting up with us men but that's another issue. This is why Google, Facebook and others in Silicon Valley have problems hiring enough women. Women are as qualified in some cases more qualified. Not that this is an excuse of why but a reason and something they should work on. If people in Silicon Valley would seek therapy and medication the world would be a better place.

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